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What to Bring

Financial Planning Consultation

It is important for us to see everything you own if we are going to assist you in creating a comprehensive plan. 

We suggest: 

  • A copy of your most recent tax return 
  • Most recent statements from all of your investments (including your current 401k) 
  • Any life insurance policies 
  • Any annuity contracts 
  • Driver's license 
  • Social Security Card 
  • If in doubt, bring it along 

Tax Preparation 1st Meeting

People often wonder what to bring to an initial meeting. Here is what we recommend: 

Tax returns for the last two years.  We review them for consistency, verify continuity of information, and will need them to file amended returns, if required. Your prior return is reviewed at no cost to you. Amended returns will be prepared only after the options have been explained to you. 

Names, dates of birth and social security numbers of all participants and dependents. 

All official tax documents showing wages (W-2s); interest and dividends (1099s); year-end investment statements, including sales of stocks and mutual funds; other income items such as K-1s.   

Child care information, including name, address and EIN # of provider. 

If self-employed, list of income and expenses, along with depreciation history of any and all assets. 

If rental income, list of income and expenses of each property along with depreciation history of each asset. 

List of itemized deductions: 

  • Actual real estate tax receipts (especially if eligible for property tax rebate) 
  • Proof of all monetary charitable contributions and donated items 
  • All medical expenses including insurance, co-pays, medical devices and prescriptions 
  • Mortgage Interest Statements 

The settlement sheets on any real estate transactions. 

List of any estimated tax payments made during the year.

College tuition and student loan interest payments.

If in doubt, bring it along. 

What is a Sharefile? 

Sharefile is a way for you to send us confidential information via email that will be securely encrypted. We can also use it to securely encrypt sensitive information back to you. 

  Interested in using it? Call Robin to get you set up with creating a log in.